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Director of Photography since 1969

Work as DoP

43    Feature Films

53    Documentaries

17    TV  movies

6      Short or Art Films

7      Music Videos 

70    Commercials


Physics Study (2Years) 

Film Laboratory (2 Years)  

Camera Assistant (5 Years)

Special Experience

Helicopter shoots,

360 degree dome-cinema, Techniscope,

Black and White,

Jury member  Cameraimage 2001, Lecturer:

Filmacademy Ludwigsburg,

University Manila, Phillipipnes

Filmworkshops Istambul, Peking

International Experience

Worldwide filming experience including Greenland, Africa (Sahara dessert and

12 other African states), Australia,

New Zealand, Europe, South America, Caribbean, United States;

specializing in Asian countries (Vietnam, India, Nepal, Himalaya, Philippines, Greenland). 

Collaboration with

Werner Herzog / Douglas Sirk / Werner Schroeter / Markus Fischer / Vallie Export / Alexander Kluge / Hans C. Blumenberg / Doris Doerrie / Joern Thiel / Pia Frankenberg / Douglas Wolfsperger / Cliff Robertson / Otto Jaegersberg  / Martin Schmid / Ralf Schmerberg / Rogier van der  Ploeg

Important Productions

NOSFERATU THE VAMPYRE  With Director Werner Herzog 

WOYZECK (with Klaus Kinski) 

KASPAR HAUSER (Everybody against Himself and God against all) (Werner Herzog)

FATA MORGANA  (Werner Herzog)

BRANDNACHT (Burning Night) Markus Fischer (Director)

MARMORERA, Markus Fischer (Director)

ESCAPE FROM TIBET  Director: Maria Blumencron


Including: Nike / Master Card / Bacardi (“Cuba Libre”) / Hypo Bank / Swiss Com / VW / Euro-Steel /  EON / Mercedes-Benz/ DHL / T-mobile / T-home / Deutsche Post/ Vodafone  /  AXA

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